Character Breakfast: Eight ways to make it memorable.

There is a certain magic in meeting one of the Disney characters or even a cast member from a favorite show,  isn’t it? Even adults like to get their picture taken with one of their childhood favorites. In fact, many of my friends go back to Disney year after year even after their children have moved out!

I was lucky enough that my parents lived in Orlando so yearly we would take my children to visit their grandparents, but we also had the mixed blessing of taking annual trips to see the “mouse.” Each of my children responded differently to these wonderful fairytale characters. Rebecca, my oldest, was always timid and really had no interest in going closer to this larger-than-life mouse. Daniel, on the other hand, had no fear. He would climb out of the stroller faster than we could stop him and run to give every character, especially Winnie-the-pooh, a great big hug.

There is something very special about a child that is meeting an actor, or character. Their face glows as their favorite character kneels down to talk to them. They pose for pictures and later brag that they met the “Queen” or other favorite character. There are many ways that your child can meet characters and one of them is to enjoy one of the many dining experiences. They are quite pricey!  Sometimes the cost is between $40-70 each!

In an effort to give a once in a lifetime experience to each of our smaller guests Overshadowed has added a character breakfast as an option during the run of our Kids and Family series. This year, it is based on a new musical about Sleeping Beauty.

Your adventure will begin the moment you walk through the heart-shaped arch. The lantern lined path is just the beginning of your enchanted morning.

Here are a few tips to make this event more memorable.

  1. Arrive 20 minutes early. There are a few photo opportunities that you will want to have your child pose at. You can walk around or visit the craft table.
  2. Before the event, either pick up an autograph book or have a craft day with you child and make one to bring with you. Don’t forget a marker! This is not a necessary item so if you choose to forgo it, try to give your child some questions or comments that they might want to ask the character. (I.E. to the Prince. “Why are you afraid of everything?” or tell Magenta that she looks really beautiful in purple, but you’ve heard she has a bad temper and that’s not good.) Encourage your child to be funny and light-hearted, but not rude.
  3. Dress up!  (Some children even dress in their best fairy tale costumes!) This is a special experience! You might find that you might even post or frame these priceless photos!  Go ahead and be camera ready!
  4. Each character will be at the breakfast and there will be times to take pictures with each of them. However, please tell the hostess if there is a certain character your child wishes to meet.
  5. Prepare your child that this is truly a unique experience. Yes, this play is Sleeping Beauty, but it isn’t Disney’s Sleeping Beauty so the costumes and characters might look a little different! I promise, they are still going to love them though!
  6. Be thinking of poses that your child can make at each of the photo spots. If you need help, be sure to ask one of our hostesses. Also, be sure to take some candids. It might be that the expression on your child’s face the first moment they see the fairies becomes a treasured picture!
  7. Be prepared. This experience is about more than the eating. The children will have a story time with a character as well as learn a song that the fairies will encourage them to sing from the audience during the show!
  8. Most importantly, have fun!!!! Do what makes you and your family happy!

I have several favorite memories from the past few years, but my favorite is seeing Peter Mauriello, who was playing the prince in Snow White at that time, on his knees in front of a little girl who was dressed up as Snow White. She was gazing at him with such wonder. Priceless.

By the way, you can buy your tickets for this year’s breakfast at overshadowed.org

Your Thoughts

What tips and thoughts do you have from experiences like our character breakfast? Do you think this type of interaction between characters and children is beneficial? Do you have any photo tips or ideas?






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