Hi. My name is Reba.  If you knew me when I was in high school you’d be pretty amazed at who I am now. I was shy, insecure and a dreamer. I loved drama of any sort. I would write stories and check out plays from the library always escaping from reality. Why? Plain and simple. I could pretend I was someone else and didn’t have to be me.

Somehow, God took that girl and used her insecurities for talents rather than weaknesses. After teaching for years and  having three wonderful, confident children (who each love drama in some form or another) I decided I wasn’t getting any younger and started a non-profit theater, Overshadowed Theatrical Productions.

Life verse: Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He shall DIRECT your path.”

This I know:

If I had more confidence I wouldn’t have relied on the Lord as much instead I might have sought fame on Broadway…and there would be no Overshadowed.

If I hadn’t married Chuck I might not have been able to stop working and be a professional volunteer. (Did I mention everyone at Overshadowed including me does it on a volunteer basis?)

If I had not been a teacher I would not have made the connections and learned certain skills that I believe enabled me to run a theater.

He Directed my paths.

Now? I have two wonderful grandchildren in addition to those three grown-up children and a husband who gives great advice and shares his wisdom. Hopefully, you’ll see it reflected here from time to time.

There’s a lot fighting for our attention. This blog will house my thoughts about some of them. Hopefully unique it comes from the perspective of a child of God who loves the arts. After all, He is the very first artist, isn’t He?

Now. Let’s talk drama. To protect. Inspire. Inform. Create.